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Chiyanne is a pretty and sometimes loyal but usually a playing female she stands her ground and can be bold but is a runner in certain situations . She's understanding but is not scared of anyone in any situation she wont always say something but when she does it gets physical very quick she can be Friendly at times but she can also be distant and to herself just because she speaks to you doesn't mean she likes you or shes friends with you She loves freaky boys if you dont go for it first youll never be able to see where it could of went .
Chiyanne , she bad asf and she ployal ,
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by Chiyanne September 28, 2019
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Chiyanne is a sexy independant woman alot if guys dig her atttitude she is never afraid to speak her mind she doeant like people with amart mouths she fights anybody and every who talk about her behind her back and just cause she plays with you like shes scared doesnt mean that she very rarely loses shes a real friend and only chooses a certain amount of people to be cool with and if you are friends with her dont lose her she never had an android in her life and shes a real freak
Is that chiyanne wow im tryna chop

Dang she is a real friend i wish j was cool with her
by Chiyanne February 18, 2018
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