A person living in Chicago with primarily Irish ancestry.
Every year the South Side Irish Pride Parade floods the streets of Chicago with it's drunken Chirish.
by WestSideChi January 4, 2010
A word made up by a beer company to sell more beer in Chicago.
If we use the word Chirish enough in our obnoxious ads, people will think it's a word that's actually used by locals!
by realwordgirl March 17, 2011
Chi-Rish meaning a hybrid between a chinese and an irish person.
CLIFF! Clifford Chung is a chirish person
by Element June 30, 2004
A cool dude, sometimes doesn’t say the “right” things, it’s cool, sometimes doesn’t “do” the right things, it’s all good.
Man, that Chirish worries me sometimes

It’s all good, he’s learning too
by June 5, 2018