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The HQ of the Chipskonters, a one-woman organization seated in Brussels, deals with several bodily pleasure services called ‘chipskonting’.
Chipskonting involves crushing potato chips with the rear, massage, oil lubrication, anal stimulation, (forced) watching of adult and war movies, (forced) masturbatory activities, and high-cuisine gastronomy served in bed accompanied by the female host. Unremitting rumours claim activities called ‘Dutch oven’ (q.v.) are also performed, but this has not been proven yet. Other claims argue there was ‘a German connection’ with the RBIU (q.v.). Chipskonting is not something that can be acquired; performances only take place on initiative of the HQ.

(This information is not entirely up-to-date; please add if you know more)
by Agent Orange2 February 04, 2010
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