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A chip 'n dip is when you masturbate like the lonely-ass you are, you cum, and then your penis then slowly dips into the cum (like a chip going into the dip)
Jim: What were you doing last night Bill?
Bill: Man, I was just having a good time, y'know jerking off and shit, then I took a chip 'n dip and my whole night was

ruined. I came to find out that my wife doesn't love me, and my children are gay. My life is going downhill dude....
Jim: What? Oh sorry, i was playing Clash Royale.
Bill: Fuck you dude....
by AnonymousDouchebag December 16, 2017
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chip n dip? "chip"... or "dip"?
skirt or dress? ("dress has easier axcess!")
lights on or off?
whip cream or ice cream?
by caitrs23 June 14, 2008
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1. The act of ordering an appetizer then leaving with out paying for it.

2. Similar to a dine'n'dash, except only run after you eat your appetizer
"So we totally ordered wonton tacos from Applebees and chip'n'dipped before the waiter came back with our dinner!"
by Laffinty September 03, 2017
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