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a word used to describe someone who is high off marijuana. The word comes from the common occurrence of your eyes becoming more closed when one is high, resembling an Asian person.
You know man, I'm pretty chiny right now.
by chinypuppy July 17, 2010
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1. What someone can speak and read fluently when they spend time in China

2. When you hold your friend down and rub your knuckles back and forth across their ribs.

3. An affliction you get from jumping on your Dad's bed too much.
1. "recently back from teaching english in china he has quite a few stories and can fluently speak and read chinies (as far as i have been able to tell, but who knows he could be faking it this whole time)."

2. Next time I see Wispy, Im gonna give him some serious chinies!

3. Wispy cant hang out today cuz he got the chinies!
by sledgbrainerd! October 20, 2008
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