A Chinsel is a Chad or Hot Incel that still behaves like an Incel despite having sex readily available.

Brainwashed by 'The Game' in formative years the Chinsels still sees sex as something that can be obtained, has had success in 'winning' sex previously so continues to use this formula on unaware, motherly, empathetic, naive or unsuspecting 'Thots'.

Markers are large false egos born of 'Winning The Game' using blatant fractionation techniques.
Pew Die Pie is such a Chinsel.
by Alice Dé January 31, 2018
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Little pieces of debris in an unwanted area. Usually prick hairs, crumbs, or dust that is hard to remove.
Dude I spent all day cleaning my car trying to get rid of all them chinsel fibers .
by Cuck Fin March 21, 2016
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