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Chineseum is the cheapest and most versatile element on the periodic table. It's often used in cloning modern electronics so that affordable variations are available to the general population. Most of the Chineseum in the known universe can be found in China on Earth.

Atomic Symbol: Ch
Atomic Number: 28.5
"I didn't want to spend $600 on a new iPad Pro, so I ordered a qPad from China. It's made from 100% pure Chineseum."
by detectivedavidhoffman March 31, 2017
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Metal-like substance used in the forming of trade goods in the shape of common hand tools. Commonly available at merchants whose name suggests large amounts of trade goods and a bay or similar feature used as a safe place to moor vessels.

While the actual composition of Chineseum is unknown (and seems to vary from one item to the next), the common understanding is that despite its shape tool-like objects comprised of Chineseum can only be used once, if at all.
I had to get six stitches in my hand after I mistook a Chineseum socket for a real one.
by pdp_8 February 12, 2019
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