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Occurs when male partner removes his penis after anal sex. A bit of the female's rectum sneaks out for a quick peek upon penis removal, then jumps back in.
I surprised Jen with a little Chinese takeout just before I unloaded.
by rusty okie July 18, 2006
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When a person is forcefully removed from an airplane and gotten beaten up in the process due to the airplane being overbooked.
Janna: What happened to Jim on his flight?
Bob: He was severed Chinese takeout.
by tastybiscuits April 20, 2017
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The act of taking off a used condom, tying it up, and placing it into your chick's purse so she'll find it the next morning.
"i give my girl chinese's my little way of saying thanks."
by Travis Urban August 02, 2006
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Where you slather sweet and sour sauce on a girls pussy and eat her out. If you do not finish said sweet and sour sauce, you stick her in a Togo box.
Man, Breanna is such a slut, she let me do the Chinese takeout on her!
by Thrbanh March 29, 2015
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Eating food out f an Asian's Vagina.
You are plowing an japans-es girl and you all of a suddenly get hungry. so what do you do you take noodles, rice vegetables, meat and soya sauce out. But you find out you don't have a bowl so what do you do? you shove in to your Asians vagina and start fuck'en her again to mix everything up. then you start to eat her out getting you "Chinese Take out".
by CRS Brain trust October 26, 2010
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