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When two men gently pinch the opening of their urethras in order to allow a small amount of air into the tract, then they jam the tips of their penises together and release the pinch hold. Doing so will suction the penises together causing a chinese dick trap effect.
OMG! Did you see Mikey and Vinnie hold the Chinese Dick Trap for three seconds bro!?
by LawrenceD October 22, 2010
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When a male obtains an erection, then carefully pours hot wax down his urethra (pee hole). He must maintain an erection until the wax dries, then he slams his erect, wax penis into the anus of another man so hard, that it shatters the wax, making it impossibly painful to pull the erect penis back out of the anus. Chinese Dick Trap.
So I just watched Indian Jones 4: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and it was worse than getting a Chinese Dick Trap. And global warming is a scare tactic made up by the liberal media.
by NGRconCARNE June 18, 2009
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when you're tryin' to jackhammer a chick in the doo-doo hole too roughly so she clenches her o-ring making it impossible to remove your dick. you have to slow down and be gentle so she can release and you can ecsape. it helps when the chick is chinese.
I was too rough with Ling, so she pulled a chinese dicktrap on me.
by shazznyeah February 07, 2009
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Two men cut off a womans neck and begin to fuck it from each side. Eventually there dicks will get stuck. And they will have to push them together to get out.
Dude did you hear they cut out that chicks neck and turned her into a chinese Dick trap just because she wouldn't give them brain.
by Cunt-Hammer Thor July 11, 2008
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