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The action of having sexual pleasure by inserting your chin in a female's vagina. Pleasure can be measured by facial hair.
Female: Oh Samed! Your penis is not the size I was expecting to see, what will we do now?

Male: Don't worry baby, I'll just chin fuck you.
by SerkJerk October 16, 2008
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Chin fuck when you put a strap on, on your chin and head bang your girl all night.
"Babe let's chin fuck all night."
"Oh hell yeah I'll get the strap on!"
by Smart but dirty minded February 10, 2017
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Like titfuck. to stick your penis in between a person's double chin and proceed as if intercourse.
Mike: Yo, you check that hefty bitch?
Juan: Oh hell yeah, I'm about to chinfuck that alll night.
by bubrub_23 November 25, 2010
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