To tuck ones erect phallus under your waist band of your trousers or pants to disguise your stiffy.
I was in the gym last night and some girls in tight Lycra were stretching it out with open legs. I had to chimney ma stawner so they couldn't see I was horny as fuck.
by Razorcharlie March 10, 2015
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by HughoDongus224 April 7, 2019
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When a girl hits a vape and then sucks a guys dick so when he nuts his dick looks like a chimney
Dnag that chimney do be smoking though
by TheChimney December 17, 2019
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when you finish with anal and the girl licks all the shit off your dick to clean it just like a chimney sweeper would clean out the soot from a chimney.
That girl gives killer chimney.
by Chimney lover June 8, 2020
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To chimney means to let off steam.
Any action meant to release anger or stress.
That door you slammed shattered. You need to find a better way to chimney, bro.
by Randroid January 7, 2015
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When smoke from an open fire drifts into the body of a person standing nearby, continuing upwards into the victims face and into the sky above.

The victim will usually have their vision temporarily impaired if the smoke makes it into their eyes.
The wind direction changed suddenly, causing a large plume of smoke to drift into unsespecting Mantis, as he stood by the fire for warmth. By the time Mantis realised the danger it was already too late, as the smoke advanced upwards, consuming his head and causing his eyes to water.
Mantis: Ahhh my god damned eyes!
Friend: Dude, you just got severely chimneyed. Hey everyone look, Mantis got chimneyed and now he’s crying!
by CC Chips September 6, 2018
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Taking a rip from a bong, blunt, or bowl, and while holding in the hit bong a beer, then blow the hit out up through the beer bong (funnel)
by 632 August 28, 2006
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