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Relaxing comfortably, stress free in an attitude of ready to party.

The "Like a villain" part of the phrase refers to how rich gangsters may choose to be enjoying some liquor, maybe some fine wine, smoking a blunt of kine bud (high quality marijuana), enjoying 'chill pills' like blue valium or xanax and most likely listening to some music just enjoying the moment.

It's in the same urban family of "just chillin'" which is kind of like

how a wine would chill...not frozen, just simply appreciating in value as time passes.

A:"Hey man, what's up? What are you getting into? (like what are you doing right now or have planned later for the evening)

B: "Oh, you know the way I do it. Not much, just Chillin' Like a Villain here at the crib.

A:"That's what's up. Aright cool. Hey, why don't you come over to the house and we'll roll up a blunt, get high and drink on some of this crown I just bought?"

B:"Sounds like a plan to me. Give me about 30 minutes and I'll be out there."

A:"Cool, see you in a few. Peace."


by Doug B. the infamous "CD" February 07, 2009
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Equivelant to "I'm fine, thanks." Can be found in many different forms(See examples)
Someone asks you: "Sup, dude?"
You say:
"Chillin' like a villain"
"Chillin', killin'"(Scary Movie)
OR for the extremely bored:
"Chillin', killin', and blood spillin' like a motha f**kin villain"
by DJ Conan December 04, 2003
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Dumbass saying that commercial advertisers ripped off as "Gelling like a felon"
If I see those faggy guys trying to be cool in that shoe sole commercial again, I'll scream!
by 'YO MAMA' September 24, 2003
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i haven't heard this expression as much as "chillin like dylan" as in blissfully smoked out as the man himself has eloquently glorified in his music and ahhhhh.... chillin'.....
by you don't know me January 04, 2004
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