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Chilliam is a fine golden boy of the family. He has always been protected but will get attacked by those jealous of him. He has been eaten many times but as the survivor he is, he's lived to be two months old (as of November 2018). He was born on July 15, 2018. His father is William Solace, who gave birth to Chilliam after eating too many chips.
Chilliam is the cutest baby!
by unicornthenobody October 07, 2018
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a fantasized human creature created somewhere far off in the caves of australia, it lieks apple bottoms and twinkie thighs full of surprises. he likes to bite into things that have juice int he middle, NAYM SAYIN.
i had a side of chilliam covered in soy sauce with my veggies.
by TEEBZ August 13, 2006
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