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1. n. a session during which one chills with friends

2. n. an album by dj anlog
Yes. I could go for a brief chill sesh.
by anlog October 07, 2010
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Short for chill session. Describes any amount of time spent with 1 or more people, although usually not large groups. A chillsesh is typically either last-minute or unofficially planned, and sometimes completely spontaneous. Because of this, a chillsesh can last anywhere from half an hour to several hours.
"Me and Jim were just walking around town and ran into Sarah, so we ended up having a chillsesh for a little while."

"Hey, you doin anything after school?"
"Chillsesh at my house?"
"Sounds good."

"So did you end up hanging out with her?"
"We didn't really hang out. We just had like a one-hour chillsesh, but then she had to go."
by kid1234 October 28, 2009
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