1.How cold someone really is.

2.How desperate for a sweatshirt someone is.
The girl gave away her chill factor in math class:

Girl: ooohh i'm so coldd... Henry do you have a sweatshirt?

Henry (Quaterback): No, sorry.

Brendan (Math Geek): I have a sweatshirt you can borrow!

Girl: oh.. actually, its ok. Its actually kinda hot in here now.
by mylifeisawkward81 October 7, 2009
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'Chill Will' or 'Chill Will Factor' is generally just an exclamation of the temperature being unusually cold or chilly. The word derived from cold making your 'bits' freeze, hence chill will.It can also be used to describe a flaccid penis or someone who is an idiot.
1. "Should have brought my jacket, man."
"Oh yeah, theres a bit of a chill will factor"
2. "Mike has a chill will"
"No wonder nobody wants to do him"
3. "Dave Chapelle is a bit of a chill will"
by Rubaiyati September 28, 2006
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The wind-chill factor that one calculates at night as they ride the trolley down to the BART station in San Francisco. People who usually do this are brave for enduring such temperatures and like to place their cold fingers on your neck.
(On the Trolley)
E: Hey, do you want to sit down.

R: No it's ok, I'll just stand.

E: Okay, while you're out there can you calculate the Trolley Wind Chill Factor for me??

R: (stink eye)
by candycrazee October 15, 2011
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