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Not to be confused with "children" though the definition is similar. A childreb is a soft, supple, innocent, young (2-8 years old) child. It is imperative that the child matches all of these characteristics to be considered a "childreb". A childreb is often subject to predation by various persons. Additionally, childreb are rather curious, and gullible; these characteristics are generally recognized to be the main reasons that these children are predated on. It is because of this reason that childreb must be highly protected, in order to preserve their behavioral pacificism and general innocence.

Grammatical Information:
Plural: Childrebbies
Singular: Childreb
Part of Speech: Noun (Non-proper)
(Used as Singular) I see an unprotected childreb. I must keep it safe before the predators arrive.
(Used as Plural) Yo dawg, look at them childrebbies at Yorktown Elementary.
by Oat Man April 17, 2017
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