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A phenomenon related to inflation, whereupon seeing a specific hot girl for the first time causes you to overrate how attractive she is but upon closer inspection you realize that the 10 is really an 8.5 due to that weird smile or other flaw which detracts from how attractive she is.
This does not mean she isn't hot, merely not as hot as you first thought
Guy 1: *Sees Kate Upton in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition* Dude Kate Upton is SO hot, she's got to be a 10.
Guy 2: Not really, that's just chickflation, look closer, she has no ass and a weird midsection. She's an 8.5 at best
Guy 1: Oh crap, you're right. I'd still tap that though
Guy 2: Who wouldn't?
by asffds;jkl;ker September 19, 2013
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