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Noun, singular, colloquial usage: An increasingly common term used to describe the mouth of a black person, or American negro more specifically. The history of this neologism is in accord with the etymology and derived from the well known and oft-observed fact that the oral orifice of homo africanus americanus is used nearly exclusively for the purpose of consuming chicken when not being used to holler and/or holler back.
(At the park):
Tyrone: Ayo! Wut it iz? (spits bits of chicken crumbs)
Thomas: Dammit Tyrone! Can't you keep you chickenhole shut while you eat? Now I have popeye's grease on my tie.
(a minute passes):
Tyrese: Holla! Upindisbish! (spits chiggin grease and skin bits)
Thomas: Jesus! I'm outta here. Tyrese just shot some KFC hot sauce on my sleeve from his chickenhole. Next time I'll just take lunch at the office.
by Chewbaccarrat November 09, 2014
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When you cook chicken in a frying pan and it pops up and burns your arm and creates a chicken hole.
by aleeeeexxys February 27, 2011
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