Chicken feet is where a junkies fingers are imaciated and like chicken feet. "
by LeftWithYourMom June 6, 2021
The crust that occumulates when someone doesn't wipe all the cum off of their private parts.
Dude that lady in the porno had massive chicken feet.
by aaron jones is funny April 28, 2006
When you give your girl a nice foot bath consisting of broth and seasoning and then start sucking on her toes
So my girl just came back from a long day of work, so I'm going to give her some chicken feet stew.
by JKM23 October 4, 2020
A euphemism for performing oral sex onto a male.
"I heard Antoine really likes Slurpin' on the Chicken Feet, if you know what I mean!"

"Bro, she slurped on my chicken foot all night long."
by Joseph Billiam Bobicus April 10, 2018
Commenting on someone really stupid or whom gives a stupid answer.

"chicken dick feet" oragantang vagina.
chicken dick feet
by anon76889 February 14, 2012