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A person that refers to themself as a vegetarian, but secretly eats fried chicken.
Bobert: Hey, did you see Brittany eating that fried chicken over there? I thought that she was a vegetarian.

Joshert: Yeah bro, that’s what she told us, but she’s actually a chickatarian.
by Definitioner00 January 26, 2018
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A girl who says she is a vegetarian, but she also eats chicken breasts. Typically chickatarians are not as pale and skinny as strict vegetarian chicks.
Jon: Hey, what do you want to order babe?

Sarah: Well, they don't have any vegetarian entrees, so I guess I'll just order the chicken breast sandwich...

Jon: Good, I'm always trying to get some protein in you chickatarians...
by Jonathan Mauer October 10, 2006
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