A person who is born and raised in the US but whos ancestors(parents,grandparents or great-grand parents)were born in Mexico.He/she may speak spanish and english though most Chicanos speak english only.Many first-generation(people born and raised in the US during the 40's & 50's) Chicanos as well their children speak a dialect of spanish called Calo rather than traditional Spanish.Chicanos during the 1940's created a culture based on their parents Mexican culture and their own American culture. Many Chicanos have been instrumental in changing Mainstream american culture in terms of Art,Music and language.
Freddie Prinze was the first mainstream Latino Star ..yeah too bad he wasn't Chicano.
by Hamza 21 May 23, 2007
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Mexican american person. One whose parents were born in Mexico but he/she was born in the United States. Not any hispanic, just Mexicans born in the US territory.
That vato over there is a CHicano, he was born here, but is parents were born in Mexico.
by Chicano666 April 29, 2005
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Born American of Mexican Descent. Not accepted by Anglo-Americans as true Americans and not accepted by Mexcians as true Mexicans.
This chicano could care less about those from either culture who don't accept me for who I am!
by Scotty the Pocho April 10, 2006
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I was born in Mexico in the 50's and I used to hear my dad in Mexico refer to other Mexicans as Chicanos. He told me it was a term of endearment (TOE) and like most TOEs in the Spanish language , they often take root as baby talk. Such as Salvador is Chavador or Chava for short. Merced is Meched or Meche for short. Marisela is Malichela or Chela for short. And Mexicano is Mechicano or Chicano for short. Nothing to do with being born in the USA or not. Nothing to do with Parents.
Is the man offering jobs a Chicano? In other words is he a "brother", one who can identify with my background as a Mexican. Nothing to do with him being born in the USA, or parents being from Mexico.
by Salvador March 02, 2006
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chicano is a term used to describe a hispanic person who was noy born in mexico but was born and raised in the barrio.
i am chicano not mexican.
by fernando July 27, 2004
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chicano/a is a mexican american but you are still mexican so don't discriminate against your own people by calling them a wet back or a mojado.
mexican american is someone who is mexican but wasborn and raised in america,in the barrio they would be called a chicano
by cerda October 06, 2005
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When one parent or both parents are born in Mexico and they have a son born in the United States of America.Also refered to Mexican-American
My mom was born in Mexico and so was my dad. So what Im I? A Mexican or American? Your a Mexican American Also refered to as a Chicano Because you have decendeds of a mexican but you were born in the USA.
by A Real Chicano March 04, 2005
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