Chetan means a person who is really loyal and kind he maybe a bit shot tempered at times but really caring.
Chetan is a stud!
by Soumya January 7, 2018
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They are the coolest person in the room. Capable of drawing introverts into a conversation and make them feel very comfortable. Super fun to hangout with. Good at planning budget friendly trips. They are good at calculations.

They have a fantastic perspective towards life. They are very creative and think out of the box. They are not afraid of anything life throws at them.

They are very influential leaders and makes you want to follow them. Extremely considerate about others feeling. Sometimes the lie so they won’t hurt you and end up you more. Capable of guiding people and finding way out of the most difficult situations. You name a problem, they got a practical solution for it. They have a strong presence. No one can ignore them. Their likability is incomparable. They sometimes find it difficult to say No to others.

They are interested in playing and watching sports.

If you are his partner, then you are damn lucky. They give their all to you. They can fight the world for you. They know how to create a balance. They are caring, protective and if you have a Chetan beside you then you are less likely to fall into any traps and troubles. They have ability to make you feel relaxed under most stressful situations. They always there for you during your ups and downs. They have a magic wand that can tackle all your mood swings.
Chetan is awesome, influential and fantastic.
by wrecking_beetle November 26, 2021
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Chetan means enthusiasm, full of joy and happiness, love to live the life completely...always calm and presence of mind..Love to play sport..
Chetan Sharma who lives in Mayur Vihar Phase - III is a live example as mentioned above.:) keens to live life with full of joy all the way around.
by Chetan Sharma August 6, 2008
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The most dedicated and hardworking person you can find. He's there at work before the boss arrives and still there when the boss leaves.
Every company needs a Chetan.
by Mister Fart November 23, 2021
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0h look that prick. He is such a Chetan
by Jippy1423 January 12, 2018
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A retarded lil BITCH that needs to get his shit together, because he has no life.
Yo is that chetan I can’t even see him he’s that short
by FKNBITCHASS July 30, 2019
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Rang badlu
Someone who changes colors best suited for them
He was being such a Chetan when he wanted out of this.
by Blabberball December 30, 2021
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