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Chetan means a person who is really loyal and kind he maybe a bit shot tempered at times but really caring.
Chetan is a stud!
by Soumya January 07, 2018
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Chetan means enthusiasm, full of joy and happiness, love to live the life completely...always calm and presence of mind..Love to play sport..
Chetan Sharma who lives in Mayur Vihar Phase - III is a live example as mentioned above.:) keens to live life with full of joy all the way around.
by Chetan Sharma August 06, 2008
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A fool who is a bad ass mutha fucka and has sex with anyone he wants to. Casually referred to as a "thug."
by Grizzzzle July 21, 2006
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A retarded lil BITCH that needs to get his shit together, because he has no life.
Yo is that chetan I can’t even see him he’s that short
by FKNBITCHASS July 30, 2019
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