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VERB - To drive around neighborhoods at night and attempt to steal people's lawn ornaments. "Cherubs" can be anything from little pickett signs to huge stone lions. You should never harm anything else on the person's property that you are cherubbing.

You should always go cherubbing with at least 3 people. The driver, the lookout, and the actual cherubber. There are several types of way to cherub. Theres the quiet cherubber that sneaks up, picks up the cherub and quietly gets back to the car. There is the ninja cherubber that bounces in and out of the shadows to nab the cherub.There is also the swag cherubber who casually walks up to the cherub picks it up and walks back without a single glance. And there is the violent snatcher that bolts up to the cherub, uses brutal force to pick up the cherub and bolts back to the car. It is up to you what kind of cherubber you want to be. But the goal is to get the most cherubs and to NOT get caught!

Some people choose to put all the cherubs on a friends lawn and then watch your friends Facebook as they post pictures of the random cherubs that appeared on their lawn overnight. Or you can drop them off behind a supermarket and see how long they stay there. You can always jsut throw them out the window as you drive home and watch the destruction. OR you can even keep some if you like! It's all a lot of fun and you have a HUGE thrill doing it.

WARNING: You will become addicted very quickly so beware!
Doug: Dude cherubbing is so much fun!
Bob: We totally gotta do that again! I got a new flag tonight!
by bluemanmorph October 13, 2011
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