Another form of "churning off", an intense form of playing with yourself while using butter milk as lubricant. Also used as "chernoffing"
Dude, 'scuse me while I go chernoff.

Man, my dad just bought a fresh bucket of buttermilk, I can finally see what all the rage is about chernoffing.
by Butthole Jones December 14, 2012
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hott peice of ass that's a woman abuser and uses the word "woman" to get a girl's attention.
Ryan is a chernoff, cuz he always called his ex-gf "woman".
by dayhotshyt August 16, 2008
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A kid who smokes way to much weed and thinks his dick is so big even tho everyone knows the truth. pretends to be tough but is actually a pussy. Lies in every sentence. Gets away with everything. Some other names are “big nigga”, “180 lbs of pure pretend black”
“Yo bro I met this cool guy last night, but it turns out he’s a Ben Chernoff

“Damn bro that sucks”
by Gary_winthrope May 10, 2019
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Taylor chernoff is a celebrity
Taylor chernoff is so cool
by 🍉 November 2, 2022
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