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The most beautiful girl in the world. Gorgeous long brown curls and big blue eyes. Cherissas are very rare, but when you see one, you'll find a very gorgeous girl with an amazing personality that loves her man, friends, and family. She can usually be a pushover for the ones she loves, and that's one of her biggest weaknesses.
"Omg, look!!! It's Cherissa!!"
by buttaflybabe February 21, 2010
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a person who is always pulling in two directions, always trying to balance and may appear fickle or unreliable because she changes her mind so frequently, she is kinetic, she can pick up emotions by proximity,she is always willing to do anything to help those who are physically or emotionally suffering. she is inclined to take care of friends, relatives, animals and even strangers who come her way. she is gullible, and is often deceived or used by people who take advantage of her sympathetic natures, she is mystical and highly intuitive.
"Have you met the new neighbor yet?, Her name must be Cherissa."

"You and your new girlfriend are having problems?, I told you you should have dated a Cherissa"
by UShouldCallHerDustinWilson March 07, 2010
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