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A very artistic unique girl. Chena's are very sweet and care for their friends more than anything. But if you piss them off in the least of ways, they'll be set off like a time bomb is hidden in them! Chena's are also Godly gorgeous, beautiful body, bright eyes and pretty hair. They are more of the quiet type, listen and observe things. Good sense of humor, but can be sarcastic. Chena's are very deep thinkers, and see the world differently from everyone else. They are very easy to fall in love with, so be careful! Because they don't fall in love back. Chena's tend to be heart breakers. But, if they love you back, you will have something extremely special.
Who's that girl other there?
That's Chena.
Gosh she's beautiful.
by forgiveforget November 21, 2010
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