What happens in your pants when a female of your choice walks in the room.
The chemical reaction felt good last night.
by adhirtocm March 6, 2009
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A chemical reaction is when two chemicals (reactants) form to make a new chemical substance. During the chemical reaction, the atoms are rearranged to form the aforementioned new chemical substance (products).

There are different types of chemical reactions, however, in this definition, I will not be explaining them.
Guy 3: Woah, did you see that chemical reaction?
Guy 1: Hell yeah I did!
Guy 2: I wonder if we could do it again?
by Falco_FatalitY January 1, 2019
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When an amount of things triggers a memory.

Good or Bad Memory
Friend - "This is so... Chemical Reaction Effect."

Me - Ikr.
by XDTheLonelyOreoDX January 21, 2018
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A shit rubbing against something else cussing it to explode into many pieces causing a CHEMICAL REACTION!
person 2: “so ur shit rubbed against ur hands? u nasty bozo 🥶”
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