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In the Soviet Union, the state secret-police organization (1917–22), succeeded by the GPU.
The Cheka was created on December 20, 1917, after a decree issued by Vladimir Lenin, and was subsequently led by aristocrat-turned-communist Felix Dzerzhinsky.
by Dancing with Fire September 03, 2012
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1 Cheka pronounced Chayka:

1. Russian acronym tɕɛ.ˈka Chrezvychaynaya Komissiya, Extraordinary Commission : first of a succession of Soviet state security organizations. It was created by a decree issued on December 20, 1917, by Vladimir Lenin.

2. Swahili verbtɕɛ.ˈka means to laugh. Eg Cheka kidogo = laugh a little

2 Cheka pronounced Cheeka or Chika

1. Filipino word: means 'gossip'

2. Japanese name f. chi ka: means 'a thousand summers' or 'a thousand songs'

3. Igbo name m. and f. (Nigeria and Sierra Leone): means 'God is the greatest/God is great'
1.1 The Cheka monitored the Russian people during the Soviet days.

1.2 Jon: 'What does cheka mean in swahili?' Kenyan person: 'It means laugh'
by Team Cheka 1 September 11, 2010
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