A half-used tampon which, due to it's incomplete insertion, has only expanded at the top
"I can't believe that club skank left a chef's hat in my kitchen"

After the Romanian Girl Guides left the hostel all that remained were 5 chef's hats clinging precariously to the ceiling.
by dirtychef July 18, 2010
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Sexual term used as both a noun and a verb that refers to either the act of a group of men depositing large quantities of semen onto the hair of a woman or man and then pulling the hair upwards.
Noun: Frankly Sarah-Jane, we were all a little disappointed when you didn't come back with your chef's hat on.

Verb: That girl was so dirty she was begging us to chef's hat her.
by polisphere June 09, 2004
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A piece of traditional head-gear, usually worn by cooks and bakers world-wide, is now a highly fashionable, often over-sized accessory worn by crazy middle-aged women. (the women are generally classified as "insane", and size-wise, they are somewhere between "chubby" and "morbidly obese")
"Whooooohooooohooohaw! The zebras have taken over the butter junction! Time to put on my chef's hat!!!"
by SGTcornsmith November 04, 2003
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A person with inferior skill. The origin is from the online game Conquer Club. The game uses a military ranking system, the lowest being a chef. The symbol is a chef's hat. The phrase has spread to everyday usage in describing unskilled people.
Aaron: I was talking with this chef hat client today who was asking for the standard deviation of a single data point.

Travis: Wow, that's pretty dumb.
by It's-a Me, Aaron! April 18, 2011
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