Effect where when 3 or more women are located in a bar, pub etc scene together, they appear together as a good looking bunch, but when viewed individually, are actually unattractive. Thought to only be in effect with groups of women, but actually in effect with both sexes.
cheerleader effect where altogether the cheerleading team looks attractive but on closer inspection is quite ugly, the spice girls, the group of women who dance in a circle at the bar-usually with a pile of purses in the middle, occurs at any canadian fraternity common room where all together the men look hot but when checked out are actually bunk ass.
by YeahLise November 11, 2008
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The Cheerleader Effect is when a group of women seem hot, but only as a group. Just like with Cheerleaders they seem hot, but take each one of them individually - sled dogs
" I am not impressed with the talent in here tonight. " says Barney.
" Look, there's hot group of girls over there. " says Lily.
" That, my friend is the cheerleader effect, look at each of them individually. " says Barney.
" Woah, I see what you mean! " says Lily.
by Tom Movi January 1, 2010
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When a group of girls are seemingly hot. But when a closer look is made, each individual is terribly ugly.
Man: Dude I'm going to go pick up one of those chicks.
Dude: No don't it's the cheerleader effect, they are all sick.
by Blackflame619 December 24, 2008
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When women look attractive, but only when in a group but, individually they look like Nunavut sled dogs

*Also called: The Bridesmade Paradox, the Sorority Girl Syndrome
Tim: Wow, those chicks are hot
Barney: No, they're not, you have just fallen for the Cheerleader Effect*
by Barnabus E. Stinson December 10, 2009
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It's when you see a group of girls or guys and they look hot, but when you see each person individually they are NOT, that an effect, when they are in groups they look hot.
I wish I was like those girls
What!, honey that the cheerleader effect, if you see them individually you will realize they are dorks and ugly bimbos.
by Bryan MG December 14, 2008
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The opposite of the women's cheerleader effect (women look more attractive in groups, although unattractive individually) when applied to men. Men who may be attractive on their own will look like a complete douchebag when assembled. Each male's level of toolness is generally acceptable alone but is amplified when mixed with others.
Cody- Dude, Jake and his friends are tools.
Tim- Nah, that's just the reverse cheerleader effect.
Cody- No seriously, he's a tool.
Tim- You're right... it's just worse now.
by Coderan December 2, 2010
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When one mediocre/ugly girl is surrounded by several ugly girls and looks more attractive then she is. Because of her surroundings she will be perceived to be more hot then she would be if looked apart.
Al: Dude that blond in the project meeting was really hot. I would like to have a late meeting alone with her on a Friday night.

Mike: Al, you are an idiot and a clusterfuck. She is butt ugly, you are just blinded by the reverse cheerleader effect. Because she is surrounded by ugly girls you think she is hot.
by buck neckid ALM January 11, 2011
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