An Alaskan slang term meaning a newcomer, aka anyone who hasn't lived there for like 20 years. A good example are the "one-week wonders" who think they've seen everything after seven days. The word cheechako originates from a chinook jargon term used back in the 1800's. Surely overuse of terms like "Cheechako" could make you feel like a newcomer as well.
Over next summer I will be serving as a park ranger in Alaska, but I'm sure I'll come off as a real Cheechako.
by Haywood Jablowme Ben Dover November 2, 2023
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Someone new to Alaska, Ignorant in the ways of the Last Frontier and Lacking the skills required to survive the Alaskan wilderness. Historically from "Cheecago", That's how the term originated, but now mostly ignorant liberal mamas-basement types from Seattle, Portland or San Francisco.
Look at that ignorant-ass Cheechako getting trampled by a moose!
by Akhuntpro February 15, 2020
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A new-comer to Alaska, ignorant of the terrain, the weather, the animals, the culture, the necessary driving skills in the winter, etc. Opposite of a sourdough.
-Did you see the 90-car pile-up on the Glenn Highway this morning on your way to work?
--Yeah, and how much you wanna bet that it was all caused by some goddamn Cheechako at the front of the pack?
by SS January 22, 2004
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Cheechako actually means "tenderfoot" - it is used to refer to anyone new to Alaska (anyone who has lived there for less than 25 years).
I don't need some cheechako politician from the Lower 48 telling me what to do.
by pg191 September 17, 2013
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A man who has sexual relations with another man
Mkay called gray hare a cheechako, therefore he must be gay.
by The Alex Supertramp March 13, 2008
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