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A female name. Given only to the most awesome people on Earth. Typically she is funkadelic, coolioshmoolio and supercalifragilisticexpialadociously spectacular. When your name is Chedy you can have many nicknames eg: Cheddle, Chedpop, Chedoodle, Chedediah, Chedosaur... basically Ched-anything. If you ever meet a Chedy make friends with them as they are sure to rock. Chedy is also very sure of herself and has no problem with letting others know just how great she is. Makes friends easily with girls named Serena
Patty (random average girl): Did you meet Chedy yet?
Joanne (random average girl): Yes. I love her. She rocks.
Chedy: Yes, Yes I do.
by EverestCollege July 06, 2011
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