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When one cheats in the game Medal of Honor, this person is decreed as a cheaster and shall be deemed a douche for the rest of thine own life.

Ways to cheast:
2. Constantly interrupting battles between 2 people.
3. Constantly killing wounded warriors that were scavenged after a previous battle.
4. Continually picking up the bazooka.
5. Using the bazooka for your last kill.
6. I cant think of anymore.
"Torin you always cheast you douche."
by The Sultan of Swagger June 02, 2009
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When you're so fat, your cheek just merges with your chest. That area is then called the "cheast". Similar to a "kankle".
Manda has a tatoo of a shamrock on her cheast.
by Geoff and Zach November 23, 2003
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A poorly spelled version of cheats or possible chest.
Ricket: "Atreyu Jacobison, Bang, and BiG G have all written "cheast" in their definitions of Nilla, sexy man cheast, and rinx, respectively."

Cheddar: "What can I say? People are stupid."
by Johnny Rocketfingers November 17, 2003
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