3 definitions by Wettie Don 2018

A Wannabe Badman is someone who thinks there hard and big but lies about what they live about and they mainly pussys when it comes to saying bad stuff to people’s face

And they listen to the wettest uk drill known to mankind

they probably really Neeky aswell
Wannabe Badman - “ yo fam I chinged this yute from mitcham and all his friends are
Pussys “

In reality he’s probably the person who got run down by someone in there sliders and got dipped
by Wettie Don 2018 November 4, 2018
Uk Drill is the best genre of music, there’s no buts of if’s it’s simply the best type of music out there

and it’s also really certy when u play it full volume on a Bluetooth speaker at a party
“ yo g have you heard Of drill “

no not really

“are u dizzy blud! uk Drill is the best music in fucking England “
by Wettie Don 2018 November 4, 2018
The best place to live in the whole of fucking England
The houses are huge and everyone are legends
You can get to pretty much anywhere easily from south Cheam
It is much better than North Cheam where you will probably get stabbed
South Cheam is posh as fuck
Mate let’s go to south Cheam and buy some fucking ten grand vodka cos they’re all fucking rich.
by Wettie Don 2018 November 4, 2018