Chava is the born-nickname given to people in Mexico whose real name is Salvador. This nickname was set on stone when you were named Salvador.

Chava es el apodo dado en Mexico a las personas cuyo nombre es Salvador o Salvadore

-Diminutive: Chavita

The nickname does not mean "GIRL" as in the word "Chava for girl. This nickname is not offensive nor it means anything at all.
Hi, my name is Salvador.

-Ahh how are you Chava, nice to meet you

Hi I am Salvador but everyone calls me Chava

Hola me llamo Salvador pero todos me llaman Chava
by Chava308 December 21, 2010
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a beautiful woman who is born into a Jewish family. She has beautiful sparkling eyes that can be commanding at times. She’s always there for her friends and treats the closest ones like family. If Chava’s put trust on you, you better keep it and secure! She has her father’s face, but her mom’s gorgeous eyes. She will kick your ass, so watch out! She has low- self esteem, so she covers it up with Popularity. She has high emotions, too! Try to get a Chava friend. They’re awesome!
Chava- a Jewish name
by uglygirldepressed November 08, 2019
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Chava (Eve) is the name of the wife of Adam in the book of Bereshit (Genesis). Her name is spelled "chet, vav, heh" in Hebrew. The root of her name is related to "life" (chet, yud, heh)
"V'haadam yada et chava vatahar vateled et qain vatomer qaniti ish et HaShem." Ber 4:1

"The man knew his wife Eve; she conceived, gave birth to Cain and said 'I have acquired a man from the L-RD". Gen 4:1
by Matrix4Yeshua May 13, 2006
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Mexican spanish for "girl or chick"
Chick = slang for girl, baby, women, etc.
Que haces, chava?
What are you doing, chick?
by stinkylods May 21, 2003
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