A cage made of plastic, silicone, metal, or another material that fully encompasses a penis. The cage is then locked so it can't be taken off without the key. It's designed to prevent erections & masturbation and is often used in bdsm relationships where the key is given to someone's significant other, called a keyholder. It is still possible to masturbate in them however, either by using a vibrator on the cage or using a dildo in the ass.
by Minecraftfan5610 May 2, 2021
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A device a homosexual submissive bottom puts his cock in to render him a true real-life bitch that doesn’t get hard or is able to use his cock at all. It’s the perfect tool to become a pussyboy. If worn long enough the cock will shrink into a little useless clit.
A true pussyboy must always wear a chastity cage--or he’s not a pussyboy.
by Boooom August 24, 2022
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a cage worn by men (usually in a case of femdom or some other form of domination) that prevents the mans cock from getting hard and it also prevents him from being able to masturbate.
the woman forced the man to wear the chasity cage whenever he was in public so that way he could not get hard on looking at other women
by cockwanker August 16, 2005
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