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Amazingly wonderful energetic woman!! Can make you happy just by hearing her giggle. Loves to help others and is very intelligent.....makes you want to be around her always..
What a horrible day....wish I had a Chasta!
by Awesome Dawson November 23, 2010
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Cute, smart & funny girl. Known to be loyal & to fight for those she loves. She trusts easily & gives unselfishly. Usually attracts liars, cheaters & users.
Rick's wife is so awesome. She is pretty & smart & would never cheat on him. She is a total Chasta. Too bad Rick is a cheating, lying jerk. She could do so much better.
by FaithfulO January 19, 2013
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A twat. A retard that pisses you off by doing stupid shit. Somebody who has done something extremely 'tarded. You can also use it to make up words, ex: McChasta, timchasta (from south park's timmy), poonchasta...and so on.
Person A: Fuck, I didn't go to class today, and we had a test.
Person B: *laughs* chasta!
by prfft February 14, 2005
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