Chasing the bag means you are going from place to place hoping someone will get you high.
the only wat she can get high is by chasing the bag at everyone else's expense
by labber November 10, 2009
To grind hard or achieve high goals
I gotta chase the bag. It's the only way out
by Rddillo September 9, 2017
Meaning your getting to that money ...AndreDuhGreat
Chasing a bag I'm gonna stay focus and chase this bag.
by AndreDuhGreat December 22, 2016
Telling someone to mind their business and don’t worry about what somebody else is doing
Jadaurian won’t stop telling people to go chase a bag.
by Laksjdhf June 9, 2019
A common south Seattle slang, refers to making money or securing the bag, but if no work or money comin in, then that is chasing da fag
People who works all the time and barely has any free time or works on their days off is chasing da bag aka chase da bag not da fag. Someone who has no job, is late all the time or leaves work early is chasin da fag aka fag chaser.
by moneybaggilly December 6, 2019
From the song Dead locs by Blueface. To tell someone to mind their business and focus on other things than what you’re doing
Melanie: “ where are you going!?!”
Daniel : “ Chase a bag, don’t worry ‘bout what I’m doin’ “
by Lollii.x January 5, 2019