Fucking gay schools where a certain number of students are allowed. Nothing interesting happens in charter schools. Little bit of people.
Fuck why the hell did I have to get accepted to this gay charter school.. I wanna go back to my old public school.
by AC March 20, 2005
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Best damn school there is. Beats the hell out of public schools because in this you get one-on-one with a teacher. You only go to school once a week for one hour! It's simple...you pick up your homework packets which are easy...then come in on school and take the test. Each test you pass you get a credit.
Charter school students graduate before Public schools.
My grades sucked at my public school but when I joined charter school I was actually passing.
by Bobby De Niro October 15, 2004
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The education is extremely bad and overrated. The education at charter schools are a joke compared to traditional public schools. Almost all the students there are forced to go there because of their parents believe it’s good when they don’t understand anything and believe some stupid person who never went there that it is good. Field days are typically 1-2 hours long and not in a field. Also the ELA teachers are literally the the lunch ladies at the shitty charter school I was forced to go too. Takes money from traditional public schools and complains about being poor when they have TVs in the hallway to plug their instagram.
Someone who never went to a charter school nor had a child who went there said it was really good and free so my parents sent me there without my consent
by HiBot June 07, 2019
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Charter bus: a wonderful air conditioned luxurious bus almost like an airplane so awesome you never want to get off if I had it my way I would ride the bus all day
We are taking the charter bus
Really that is the best thing ever
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1. A friend that is hypocritical, unreliable, and misunderstanding.

2. An ungrateful bastard
ex: "Hey man you are cool with Mike?" "kinda, he's a charter friend"
by Maskaraid May 04, 2010
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A crazy and good school. Somebody once played deep throat in the auditorium with the speakers
Only in Pines Charter
by WhoKnewHeWasLivingWithUs October 09, 2019
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it's simply a school where a lot of rich kids are yet that isn't WHAT it is. it is a quaker school with few quakers and a diverse community with little diversity. its positive aspects include a killer girl named catherine grigos.
Catherine Grigos makes Penn Charter hip.
by doctor ball February 28, 2005
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