Also LOVES to dance, juggle, and laugh. Beautiful red hair to go with gorgeous blue eyes. More intelligent than anyone.
That's the charris of the group!
by WhoDattyWhoDatty February 3, 2010
Someone named charry is the prettiest girl u will ever meet. If u have her as a friend she’s true and u should never loose her. She’s kind, wonderful, pretty, fun to be with she will always be on your side when you need her. She sometimes has trust issues from past relationships And falls in love really easily . You would be really lucky if you ever fall in love with her. If you ever do fall in love with her or she likes you or friends with her try not to loose her she’s not like the other.
Man 1 : who’s that she’s so cute
Man 2: yah Ik her names charry
Man 1 : probably should of known
by Maxlover December 8, 2019
Short form for 'character'. Often used in online roleplay such as piczo and proboards sites.
"I'm thinking of making a new charrie that's a girl."

"Cool! I already have too many charries."
by RPGurfase April 9, 2010
A beautiful girl and she's real thick and will care for you . She loves to make people laugh and smile .
Friend 1 : Aye bro I heard you got a Charrie
by cherry12345 March 13, 2017
Provb. αδψ -A person of extreme cheekiness.
{φ Verb: To cheek.
in conj. A person renowned for getting up to cheeky shananigans.
1.Charry got all cheeky these holidays. /
2. Person 1: "He wore a velvet suit to a formal????"

Person 2: "Yep..Charry!!:
by Cheeky co's July 15, 2010
Funny little man who lectures at Victoria Univerysity in Footscray. He has a hitler mistache and a pot belly.
<GUY1> Ey, whos taking networking?
<GUY2> Charri man
<GUY3> He kicks ass
by Stojko January 12, 2005
A derogatory or playful term for a person of Asian descent.
This Charry chompah need to get out the left land and turn the blinker off!
by Charrychompish April 1, 2011