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Charlie girls are usually quite attractive, fun loving girls.
They don't care what people think, and have great goals in life.
She isn't always understood, and not many people know how great she actually is.
Everyone wants to get to know her, and is loved by most people.
She gets on with people from all walks of life, and dreams of travelling the world.
But don't get on the bad side of her --- she isn't afraid of exploding with honest opinions!

Hotass body, beautiful eyes.
I'm so glad I met Charlie girl.
by Genius...... December 15, 2014
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Charlie girls are shy they don't care about what people think they are kind nice sweet and beautiful girls they have this sense of humor and every body wants to get to her they love her for her she brights every ones life she makes them smile when they are down she's caring and you would not want to miss out on a girl like her because you would be missing something you wished you had so you better get to it and know her
Friend: Charlie girl your so nice thank you
Boy friend: Charlie girl your the best girl friend any one could ever have
by C.C.C12 November 06, 2017
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