Real-life American congressman from the movie "Charlie Wilson's War".

Shadily acquired over a billion dollars of American capital in order to help Osama Bin Laden build his terrorist organization.
Charlie Wilson was no hero.
by Alfie The Horndog May 08, 2008
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A democratic Texan congressman who, nearly single-handedly funded the afghans with weapons to push back the Soviets from their territory. This began the fall of the USSR, and ended the Cold WAR.

However, after this amazing accomplishment, The United States refused to listen and reason with Wilson's pleads to continue to fun Afghanistan to help them recover and rebuild from the damages the Soviets had done. This ignorance of Country's leader (excluding Charlie Wilson) led to an unstable country where any one or group could take over with ease. And that person was of course...OSAMA BIN LADEN

So many could say that Carlie Wilson was not a hero, or something of the sort, but that is simply not true for 2 reasons.

First of all, what he DID manage to accomplish was getting rid of the Soviet Union, a group much more potentially devastating to our way of life than Al Queda could ever be. Second, it was not at all his fault for leaving Afghanistan open for terrorism; in fact he was one of the only few congress men at the time who supported doing something to stop it!
WOW, its hard to believe many people don't consider Charlie Wilson a hero. They all over-look all the strides he took to clean the wold of oppressive communistic rule.
by Joe-Joe-Joe July 28, 2008
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The act of suffocating to death with your cock and balls.
Listen here asshole, if you don't stop pissing around, your throat's going to get a visit from ol' Charlie Wilson.
by The Terrible Ketch July 15, 2010
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He is a little bitch and he talks about people’s dead Nans
Oh look its Charlie Wilson
by Deny in Spanish January 06, 2020
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