A Chargers Fan is quite similar to being a Padres fan: you just gotta have faith. Whether they're 4-12, or 12-4, the real chargers fans say "The Chargers are going all the way this year." For a true Chargers Fan, every team is a fairweather team. While of course a love for the Chargers is a must, the other essential quality that a Chargers Fan must have is hate. Yes, that's right hate. Hate for one team, one city above all others...the Oakland Raiders. While L.A. is slightly in there cause it's always those fuckers that we get into drunken fights with at the games, a Chargers Fan cultivates and grooms his hate for raiders, much the same way a gardner does a rose bush. There is nothing better in the world to a Chargers than a Sunday where the Raiders lose and the Chargers win....on days like this we look up into our sunny sky and thank God we live in San Diego.
"So how 'bout them Chargers huh?!"
"Chargers fucking suck, fuck em."
"Dude, Chargers are gonna do it this year."
"Why the fuck is everyone I know a Chargers Fan?"
"Uh...cause they rock?! GO BOLTS BABY!!!"
by Jason Ault October 7, 2005
Usually a good person, knows their priorities and knows that respecting The Broncos, Chiefs, and Raiders would be stupid because they are poorly run franchises that the chargers beat 3 weeks in a row. Many Charger Fans also watched Jake Plummer throw 4 interceptions in one game against the Chargers in week 13. In a game the Chargers won, and the Denver Broncos LOST. Because all they do is trade away good players and cut block.
-"Did you see the Charger/ Bronco game during week 13?"
-"Yeah! Jake Plummer threw 4 Interceptions, and the Broncos fell to 2 games behind the FIRST PLACE CHARGERS"
by Broncos Suck December 14, 2004
Bitch ass fans...get ya ass beat when u try to come to the Black Hole...or anywhere in the coliseum. Take it up the butt and get stabbed at your own games. Scary as hell...talk shit and run...the ladies really want a Raider fan...never are happy to watch football in January (No SuperBowl Victories) Dont know how to tailgate...Hate us cuz they aint us (RAIDERS) Might as well stay at the beach....
Chargers Fans are always depressed SuperBowl Sunday.

I slept with a Charger Fan....and It was depressing.

The only thing good about a Charger Fan is Kendra... but come game time Fuck her too.

On behalf of the Raider Nation...Raider Tingle sais,"Fuck All Chargers Fans."
by Raider Tingle February 1, 2008
a rare yet obnoxious breed. Ones that think because they beat the ain'ts they can beat anyone. They also tend to use low blows such as, "Broncos suck.Bailey sucks. Plummer sucks. Shanahan's a queer." However, do not be dismayed because in Week 13 they will be taught the lesson of a lifetime. Dont talk the talk if you can't walk the walk!
The Chargers Fan went apeshit over his team winning against the Saints. Little does the Chargers Fan know that the Saints are not a good team.
by Matt November 19, 2004