1 definition by Raider Tingle

Bitch ass fans...get ya ass beat when u try to come to the Black Hole...or anywhere in the coliseum. Take it up the butt and get stabbed at your own games. Scary as hell...talk shit and run...the ladies really want a Raider fan...never are happy to watch football in January (No SuperBowl Victories) Dont know how to tailgate...Hate us cuz they aint us (RAIDERS) Might as well stay at the beach....
Chargers Fans are always depressed SuperBowl Sunday.

I slept with a Charger Fan....and It was depressing.

The only thing good about a Charger Fan is Kendra... but come game time Fuck her too.

On behalf of the Raider Nation...Raider Tingle sais,"Fuck All Chargers Fans."
by Raider Tingle February 1, 2008