To change someone from walking to not walking. From speaking to not speaking. From living to not living. From alive to dead
by Uknow627 August 25, 2021
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When a straight male think he's hot enough to make a lesbian straight (he's not)
Straight male: You're lesbian?
Lesbian: yeah
Straight male: I can change you
Lesbian: no, but I can punch you in the middle of your ugly face
by Kittyferns June 2, 2023
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When someone tells you "you changed" or "she changed" it basically means you need to change
Look at sam guys she changed

Yo josh you changed
by Yagir April 7, 2017
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something you say after a lame excuse to cancel plans with friends, usually for a better offer, without any real intention of considering original plan
a guy you've been dying to go out with asks you to dinner Friday night:

Sorry Rachel - I won't be able to make it to your sister's middle school graduation Friday night - will need to work late that day but if anything changes I'll let you know.
by smores21 July 15, 2012
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UD Jews, I’m talking to you

On my “Ball of Confusion” definition, there is a weird date: December 27, 2022.

I’m assuming you guys must have changed it to this.

Is something supposed to happen on this day?
Why did you change the date to December 27, 2022?
by Death Menace September 7, 2022
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