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A Chadrick has a very large penis, to which some Chevies love, and some Chevies hate. Chadricks scare the Urbanites, as they phenomenal at making the Urbanites realize what morons they are.

A Chadrick also carries no less than ten thousand dollars cash on him at all times, but never tells the Chevies, as they are greedy.
Chevie: That Chadrick has a huge penis. And Wallet.

Chadrick. Raaaaawwwwrrrrrr.
by Aft3rshock3r July 04, 2009
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Chadrick has a very big cock.He has loads of money.Chadrick is also is a fuck boy and doesnt text people nor call but dont get me wrong he is a sweetheart.
A Chadrick can change your life
by Benjamin508 August 06, 2018
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A chadrick Is a mystical creature from the land of GOLDBAREN!!
The term for a chadrick is : Chadden-jorgen-der-stein-rick.
Chads Are Prouned to rocking hard and sexing the Chevies.

A chevie is a tiny creature form the depths of hell, they are a quiet race and squeal when the great Beau or Bojangles approaches her environment.
Chadricks Live In The Woods and Eat Pedofiles for snacks.

OMFG Its A Chadrick Mating With a Chevie.
by Josstin September 09, 2007
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