An expression used to describe agreement to ones subject matter.. similar to yeah,yup or yes.. Branded by the group 80s Babyz / Pterodactyl Gang.. Pronounced with a long a sound like "Chad".
Person1:Are u ready to go to the studio?
Person2:CHAAA! I been waiting all day.
by Murph $krilla June 29, 2008
polite way of saying 'shut up!'
''omg, will u people, CHAAA!!! I cant hear the tv."

"ay you, CHAA! talkiing to loud!
by misslaydee510 June 19, 2011
a word commonly used by kenny hudson when he is either about too get stoned or is currently stoned
kenny bro watsup u wanna get high? : chaaa dude
by kenny bra May 16, 2010
The cree way of saying "just kidding!". Not actually the cree language, just slang. Usually used after a sick burn.
Person 1: ey let's go down to Grouard and pick up your cuzzin. She wants to snag
Person 2: what?
Person 1: chaaaa
by Albertacree October 31, 2019