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A Cerp originates from the use of derp mixed with cop to make 'cerp'. Identified as a SUV that's obviously a highway patrolman.
George: Yo look at that suspicious SUV on the side of the road.
Noah: Seems to be a damn cerp, you can even see the PD sticker on the back.
by YaboiCerpy May 22, 2016
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Combat Erotic RolePlay.

Guaranteed to earn you instant disrespect within any roleplaying community.
CERPing Chad: Duuuuuuuuude! I just CERPed with this h o t ass chick! I pretty much whacked all the sperm out of my body.
Virgin Zucc: Yo, don't you think that hot chick might be a forty-year-old black man roleplaying as a chick in order to get a free jerk?
CERPing Chad: Bro, it doesn't matter. I got my whack on!
by gingershrek May 27, 2018
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