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A mainly white kid school in San Carlos, California. They suck at sports because its uncool to try at anything because they know there parents will pay there way through life. At central everyone becomes quiet similar. They act the same and dress the same. While the teachers at central are better than tl, tl is a much happier place. The people are generally nicer and more excepting. Central people are so desperate to act ghetto instead of selling drugs to each other on the "black market" they sell each other candy. Detention is non existent at central it's kinda strange actually.
Redwood city kid: I've gotten like 50 detentions man it sucks.
Central middle school kid: I've never got detention
Redwood city kid: gay
by Yourrrr mothaa January 02, 2013
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A public school in the center of Greenwich, Connecticut, Central Middle School teaches grades 6-8. It is One of the three middle schools in the Greenwich Public School System, or GPS, Eastern and Western being the other two. While Western is commonly know as the ghetto school and Eastern is commonly known as the preppy school, there is controversy over Central's standings. While many think it is the nerdy school, having by far the best test scores, others think of it as a mix, as there are many prominent cliques of nerds, ghetto wannabees (it is Greenwich), and preps. Central is known for its great faculty and good test scores. It produces children far more cultured and usually with more intellect then the Greewnich Private Schools such as Greenwich Academy, Brunswick, or Stanwich. The elementary schools North Street (the best elementary school ever), Julian Curtiss, Cos Cob, and half of Parkway feed into it. Central is overall the best middle school in Greewnich. GO COUGARS!
Lexi: I'm so sad I am leaving Parkway. But next year we'll be 6th graders! I'm soooo excited about going to Central. Like, aren't you?
Taylor: I'm po'd because I have to go to Western! You're so lucky, Western is like, eew. I wish I could go to Central!
Lexi: Yeah, Central's the best. GO COUGARS!

Central Middle School dominates over the other middle and private schools in Greewnich.
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The worst school in anne arundel county. Literally someone is arrested everyday and dont be supprised if you smell a wiff of marijuana passing lockers, bathrooms etc. The school is full of white trash, hispanics, and blacks. It does have some of the best lacrosse players in md though. Go to this school and itll shape you good. Its an excellent school compared to baltimore city schools.
Crofton kid- man what school you go to
Central kid- man i go to central middle school
Central kid-speaking of that i need to bring my grams to school tomorrow
Crofton kid-grams? What do you mean by grams
Central kid- You wouldnt know your from crofton you prep
by eewaterr April 25, 2011
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