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Greenwich Academy is an all girls prep school in Greenwich, CT. Everyone thinks all of the girls here are rich bitches who will never work or lift a finger in their life once they graduate. But that is sooooo false! This is my school, and I love it. Everyone is normal, gets good grades, (i dont know more than 5 people who get below c's), and are great people. Theyre all hard working, and honestly we all have dreams for the future. It also has a lot of diversity, and a lot of scholarship girls, so no, we're not all rich spoiled brats. We're normal people just like everyone else. I cannot believe you guys would judge someone on their school. God, you guys are ignorant.
"What school do you go to?"
"Greenwich Academy."
"Really? Because you dont look like a dumb rich bitch slut at all!"
"Thats because we aren't!"
"Oh, well sorry that everyone is so stereotypical about you guys!"
by GAGIRLL May 16, 2010
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